Recession Lessons

Lesson 101:  No one can repossess your future.

I'd love to claim credit, but I can't.  Someone had paid to post this message (paraphrased here on Single Shot) on a city advertising board in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.  I saw it for the first time this past Sunday while visiting PG.



I think I'm going to become an alcoholic, destroy my liver, and die.  That way when everyone talks about it, saying, "At least he died doing what he loved," they'll pause and really think if that makes it any better.

Of course, if I die by becoming an alcoholic I'll probably alienate all my family and friends before then, so maybe not.


The Frustrated Artist - That's Me!!

Thanks to Facebook for giving an image to my feelings!


Don Music

Frazzled, frustrated, impatient, neurotic, but a true musical artist. You jump the gun... a lot and often exclaim, "Oh, I never get it right!!!" but of course you do within time. You appear to be a quitter, but there's something inside that makes you gather yourself and move forward (probably a hand since you are a puppet). Oh, you often have healing scars on your forehead from slamming it into piano keys.


From the Letters Section of the Reno News and Review, June 18 2009

"Those who surrender liberty and morality for security, have neither."
M. Holler
Silver Springs, Nevada