Monday Morning Haiku

Hill trail's green grass
Mountain sides snow white
We wait for rain



Life seems to be full of reincarnations.  Every morning is a reincarnation of the past morning, when I wake up to my cell alarm or a brightening sky, and the feeling I entered the sleep-bardo with last night as often as not has reincarnated in the morning with my mind. I pad downstairs to grind and brew new coffee, whose smell and taste are a reminder of yesterday's first cup too. And everytime I feel like my life, my relationships, my love has reached a new high it is reincarnated into a crisis, a loss, a mistake that echos the past.


The 12 Counts of Moving

1 Moving van
2 Cars
3 Friends bribed to help with promises of beer and pizza
4 Days spent packing
5 Stores visited to collect enough boxes
6 Arguments over packing the dishes, packing the glasses, packing the art, packing the music, packing the computers, and packing the wine
7 Hours driving
8 Hours at a hotel
9 More hours driving
10 Solid hours unpacking the 1 moving van and 2 cars
11 Days unpacking all those boxes
12 Bottles of wine that helped the job along



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