Indoors in the Morning

I woke up this morning to a late spring snowfall.  Big fat flakes falling slowly from the sky, slowly piling up on my deck.  They encouraged me to stay inside, drink chai, read a big fat book.  Wrapped up in my blankets I did just that, until the sun broke out from the clouds and freed me from my quiet stillness.  So I got up and got dressed and squeaked across the snow covering my deck, leaving behind footprints to prove my industry.  There was work to do.


Yosemite Aftermath

A little too much food.
Way too much fuel.
Too much up.
Not enough down.

Worn out skins.
Holes in my pants.
Faded jacket.
Scratched glasses.
Burned gloves.

Pressure-rubs on my heals.
Bruise on my back.
Scrape down my arm.
Sun burn.
Wind burn.
Sore feet.
Sore knees.
Sore back.

Where did this come from?


Leaving for Yosemite

Too much
late night driving
truck stop coffee
half-hour naps
cold showers



Supposedly, I lead a full life. That's what I'm told by family, friends, colleagues, clients, and my neighbor's jack russel. I'm busy. I'm on the go. I'm always doing something.

But tonight, I'm not satisfied with what I've been doing. There's a fire burning out in the stove, dirty dishes in the sink from the dinner I cooked, and I should be sleeping already.

I need to get motivated. I need a swift kick in the ass. I need to be shaken out of my complacency.

I drove through Truckee yesterday and realized that all of town and the valley floor has completely melted out. That means the trails around town have completely. Melted. Out. I found a small climbing wall with dirt cheap prices in Truckee as well. And there's still two plus feet of snow in my backyard.

Its time to put up or shut up. My other blog is titled Climb.Ski.Run.Sleep.Repeat. I need to start following my own writing. I need to start climbing again, skiing backcountry again, running. Again. I need to start living my writing instead of writing about my living.

Sorry that you had to read this - but I'm starting to wake-the-fuck-up just as I am ready to go to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be a brand-spanking-new-damn day.